Saturday, June 15, 2013

We the PPA

With recent exciting developments, installing Final Term has become easier than ever (at least if you are using Ubuntu):

Bob Mottram has packaged Final Term and GitHub user versable built on his work to create a PPA for Final Term on Launchpad. The archive automatically synchronizes with the central GitHub repository to always deliver the very latest version of Final Term with a few hours delay at most.

Thanks to this amazing contribution, from now on, getting Final Term on Ubuntu is as simple as executing
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:finalterm/daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install finalterm
in a terminal – and it always stays up to date!

But that's not nearly all...

Two additional improvements have landed in the past weeks:

.desktop and .gschema.xml Localization

Another valuable contribution by Dominique Lasserre, this commit extends Final Term's localization capabilities to desktop integration and GSettings. As soon as .ftmenu files are taken care of as well, Final Term will be 100% localizable!

Improvements to Terminal Functionality

At last, work on advancing xterm compatibility has started in earnest. As a result, you will find that standard shortcuts like Ctrl+C (interrupt command) and Ctrl+L (clear) now work. The behavior of line editing has also been improved, which should result in a slightly better overall experience already.

No screenshot this time?

While there is little to see from the last weeks' updates, there sure is a lot to feel. I encourage you to take Final Term for (another) spin and see how positively the recent work impacts usability. The project is moving steadily towards its goal of becoming a full-featured terminal emulator ready for everyday usage. As always, feedback and other contributions are very welcome on Final Term's development hub, its GitHub page!

Please note that these improvements by no means indicate that Final Term is already stable. Heavy development is still ongoing. Final Term is NOT READY for production use!